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Globe & Trotter - Luxury Hospitality
The idea of luxury has changed. It’s no longer about how much something costs, it’s about how it makes you feel.
— Ian Schrager


Staying in luxury hotels can be a unique journey that appeals to all senses. From the lobby's distinctive fragrance to a hidden message on the table's napkins, every detail counts in stirring emotion.

Then, it's the social experiences triggered by cleverly designed public spaces. As true cultural engineers, hotels can be patrons of art, entertainment, and design. By acting as curators, they can create compelling microcosms everybody wants to be part of.

Globe & Trotter helps hotels utilise every aspect of their brand to offer enticing experiences to their guests and then communicate them to the world.


We believe that the world has had enough of hotels with receptionists in ill-fitting polyester suits, bland interior photos, and lobbies where the only action happening comes from Rimowa trolleys in motion.




Haris (1).jpg

Haris Stavridis


It was 1999 when my first article was published, kickstarting a career in numerous magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour. This exposure to an immensely visual world inspired me to create Fashion We Like — my way of expressing gratitude to all the creatives who push the fashion industry forward. With over 600 interviews to date, the website is still going strong.

At the same time, expanding into PR and marketing for fashion, design, and lifestyle brands felt like a logical progression. Collaborating with companies such as Dedar, de Grisogono, and Shopcade led me to London, Paris, and New York for a wide range of creative projects.

In 2014, I decided to focus on luxury hotels and their need to offer authentic guest experiences, thus opening the way for Globe & Trotter.



Stefanos & Mara


Stefanos Malamas, Fashion Director

I've been working as a stylist and a fashion director for over 17 years, having collaborated with numerous brands for their campaigns as well as with leading magazines for their editorials. For Globe & Trotter, my goal is to add a strong element of fashion to luxury hospitality, as these two worlds have so much to gain from each other.

Mara Lazaridou, Photographer

When it comes to fashion, creating compelling visuals can have a strong impact on positioning, creating desire and, ultimately, generating sales. The same values apply to hospitality and the way luxury hotels address their audiences. In my eyes, fashion and hospitality complement each other in a unique way and by combining them a fresh, fascinating visual language for luxury hotels is instantly created.